Koi Pond Designs – Pond Shape

Koi Pond Designs – What’s the Best Shape to Build a Koi Pond?

Many different pond shapes have been tried. Some koi pond designs work well and are low maintenance and easy to care for. Others are a real headache and are always needing attention. When you start building a koi pond you want to use koi pond designs that will lead to an easy to maintain pond.

The shape you choose will have an affect how many fish you can keep. It will affect how well it filters and how easy it is to keep clean. Your koi pond design will also affect how much it costs to build your pond.

koi pond designs- irregular pond shapesNo doubt you have seen koi pond designs that are quite irregular in shape. They do look awesome, but they will be very expensive to build. They will take a high level of expertise to work right.

Advantages of a Rectangular Koi Pond Design

Rectangular ponds will be cheaper and easier to build. They lend themselves easily to walls constructed of concrete block or timbers.

It is easier to calculate pond volume and easier to estimate the amount of materials you need, which can help prevent going over budget on your project. You may find it easier to build and come up with a pond design for this pond shape

If you are working on a tight budget you may want to choose square or rectangular koi pond designs.

Since pond liner comes in long rectangular rolls you will have a lot less waste when building a rectangular pond.

Pond liner is expensive and you are buying it by the square foot. Those pretty ponds with their back eddies and contortions can eat up a lot of pond liner in a hurry.

Your koi pond’s surface area has a lot to do with how many koi you can keep. A rectangular pond generally will give you the most surface area for your buck.

It will be easier to maintain an even water flow in a rectangular pond and with your pond skimmer on one end and your waterfall on the other you will be a lot less likely to have dead spots.

When a skimmer and waterfall are placed on opposite ends of a rectangular pond water current and filtration will be optimized.

Irregular Shaped Koi Pond Design

These irregular or round pond shapes waste a lot of liner as mentioned and use more rock and other materials to build and landscape.

The more irregular the shape of your koi pond is, the harder keeping it clean it will be. You really don’t want koi pond designs that create back eddies or dead spots in your pond.

These are places for dirt and debris to accumulate. This can lead to more work for you and potential health problems for your fish.

In order to design a pond like this and have it work properly these areas would require extra bottom drains and these koi pond designs would also require more than one pond pump in most cases.

Footprint Shaped Koi Pond Designs

The footprint shaped koi pond is an attractive alternative for those who can’t stand the idea of a rectangular koi pond.

It has a good amount of surface area and will filter well providing you don’t get too carried away. You will waste a bit more pond liner but these popular koi pond designs will have a more natural look to them.

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