Koi Pond Pictures

Here’s some koi pond pictures showing the start of my koi pond. I wrestled with building a koi pond in front of the house or in back. I really wanted it in front but there are two huge maple trees there and there was just no way I could ever deal with all the leaves they would drop in my pond.

So I chose a spot in back but unfortunately there was little shade in this area. Luckily in Western Washington even summer days are relatively cool so I was able to get away with this. In most parts of the country though, the water would get way too warm for koi and some form of shade would be needed.

My Koi Pond Pictures

As you can see my pond construction used cinder blocks. My ground was a tight clay loam and very stable and also fairly level. I was able to build a two foot high wall directly on the ground without using a footer. This wont work in many areas so if you have sandy loose soil you will definitely want to pour a footer for your pond.

I didn’t use any mortar, the blocks were simply stacked one on another. But for stability I added some rebar and poured concrete in every other hole with exception of the corners where I filled them all. 

building my koi pond picturesAfter the wall was built I dug out another 2 .5 feet of soil from the center of the pond and used the fill as a berm against the outer walls of my koi pond for added stability. This also meant limited digging and limited fill removal. Working by myself this part of my pond construction took about a week to complete.

Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost a lot of my koi pond pictures but I do have some more that I will be sharing in later articles.

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